Malware and Social Engineering

Zero-Day Vulnerability

A large-scale cyber breach is always cause for serious stir. Media and social have the opportunity to ride the panic that results from hundreds of thousands of devices suddenly discovering that they are defenseless despite carefully prepared security measures and vulnerability assessments. It is easy to read in these contexts, among posts and articles, a … Read more


Phishing is a well-known Social Engineering strategy, which consists of constructing emails containing malicious links and/or files in legitimate guise, i.e., containing images, references, fonts, and text that would lead one to believe they are such. Although it is a dated attack strategy and one that has been combated a great deal, especially through security … Read more


ENISA reported ransomware as one of the fastest growing attack and compromise strategies in 2022. Ransomware is called a type of malware (such as viruses, Trojans, etc.) that infects computer systems by making it impossible for the victim (partially or completely) to have access to a system and the data on it. The victim is … Read more