Cloud Security

Hybrid Cloud

Cloud infrastructures are generally described using three macro categories: public, private and hybrid. A public cloud is defined as a cloud that is accessible via the public Internet. The goal for those who offer a public Cloud service is, ususally, to acquire as many customers as possible. The largest cloud services such as Amazon AWS, … Read more

Cloud Migration

It was 2011 when Steve Jobs announced at WWDC 11 that iCloud would replace MobileMe. A product the latter that Steven called “not our finest hour.” Amid the distrust and criticism that also followed this product, some 20 million users decided to synchronize songs, email calendars, and contacts with this technology rather than using dropbox … Read more

Cloud Cost Management

You plan to open a new online business, or you want to revamp your facility by switching to the newest and flamboyant cloud technologies. Your innovative ideas and unstoppable spirit will surely launch you on an exciting adventure, but one that would be short-lived if expenses exceeded revenues. After all, revenue management is not the … Read more

Cloud 7R

Defining a cloud strategy is the first step in building a modern infrastructure; we have seen in other articles what elements to consider when formulating a strategy. In this article we will look at the actual types of strategies that are adopted during a cloud migration, commonly called the 7r’s. The 7r’s of the cloud … Read more